Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Changes in the schoolyard - Part 2

We continue to observe the yard every day or two. We try to notice what has changed from our last visit!

First, we noticed that the piles of black gravel are gone. We think that they might have been put on top of the field and were smoothed out. Because the field looks darker now.

We notice some wire "tubes" or "cages" lying on the ground.

It was easy to notice these large cylinders. They blocked our view of the field! We looked closely and noticed that there are two stacked together. One on top of the other! We wonder what they are for?

We also noticed lots of signs. Ms. Brown read what they say. The signs are messages that we should follow to keep ourselves safe. The people who do the contruction have to follow the messages to stay safe as well.

Changes in the schoolyard - Part 1

We have been noticing many changes in our schoolyard over the past few weeks.
The fence has been up for many weeks, around a big field of dirt.
First, some big machines made the field very flat. Then we noticed some big piles of dark stones on the field. We wondered what they might be for. We didn't think that they were there for us to play on...

We noticed that there were many different machines. Some for digging, some for moving the earth, some for moving heavy things, and some for rolling and flattening the earth.

When we went back inside, we looked at many different books about construction machines. Some of us created our school yard and used our machines to move the blocks :)

While we were outside, we drew what we observed. Some of us drew the machines, some people drew the field, some people drew the dirt and the gravel.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Absolutely Fabulous Start to the School Year!

Welcome to Room 9's blog, Kindergarten Parents!
I'm hoping to update the blog at least twice a week, keeping you in the loop about what we are doing in Room 9.
We have started our year by introducting the routines of Room 9. We have learned how to sit at a carpet (ask your child about "Five Point Check" ) ( Ears are listening, eyes are watching, lips are zipped, legs are crossed, and hands are still).

We have read so many books! One of our favourites is David Goes to School, because David is learning some of the same routines as we are.

We have been practicing how to hold a pencil and how to print our names, and have learned that we can make our names from other materials. We have also been learning how many letters our names have! One of us has 3 letters in our name, some have 4,5,6,7 and even 8 letters!

We also read The Kissing Hand, and learned that our parent's love follows us wherever we go. You can hear it read-aloud here:

We have been exploring natural materials, and will learn more about making patterns in the upcoming weeks.

During the upcoming week we will be focusing on how to walk in a line in the hallway (and on the stairs, and outside) and how to be a good friend. We are also continuing to learn each others names, and will begin sorting and patterning with different objects.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all of our dads and all of the other people in our lives who are the wind beneath our wings :)

We were inspired by the book, Hooray for Birds by Lucy Cousins.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Alison Turner and her woodshop class for cutting, sanding and drilling these words for us. You rock! There is a hole to help hang the bird. If it is full of paint, you might have to poke a nail through it!