Thursday, May 25, 2017

Officer John's Big Adventure

Officer John Tierney is the community school liaison officer who visits our school. He came to our class recently and told us a story. He was helping to explain what police do, and that police officers help people.
We listened to his story, and when he left, we retold his story together and wrote it down. Then, we each illustrated a part of the story, and put together a book.
Here is our book! I hope that we have retold it close to the truth, Officer John!

(I have transcribed the words to the story, just in case they are too small to read on the pages)

Once upon a time there was a police officer named Officer John.

One day, Officer John and his partner were called to someone's house.

They got into their police car and drove to the house.

They got to the house and the lady said, "Something is in my fireplace!"

Officer John looked up in the fireplace and saw two eyes.

Officer John called the animal removal people.

Officer John and the Animal Remover climbed onto the roof.

The Animal Remover dropped a can of smoke in the chimney. Nothing happened.

The Animal Remover dropped a second can of smoke. Nothing happened.

He dropped a third can of smoke.

There was a lot of noise in the house. The other police officer and the lady ran from the house!

They jumped into the police car.

A raccoon ran out of the front door!

Officer John and the Animal Remover looked for the raccoon, but it was gone.

The lady and the other police officer got out of the police car.

Suddenly the other police officer yelled "Run!" The raccoon was running toward them!

The raccoon started chasing the lady, the 2 police officers and the Animal Remover down the street!

The raccoon ran up the telephone pole.

The Animal Remover grabbed the raccoon's tail.

The Animal Remover caught the raccoon in his net.

Finally, the Animal Remover let the raccoon go in the park.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

High Park in the spring

It was a lovely day to visit High Park. The purpose of this trip was to see the signs of spring.

We always start our visit inside of the nature centre. We got a chance to see this snake up close.

We learned about how seeds grow in the spring, and we made some "seed balls" by mixing seeds into some soil and making some small balls. (We revisited them later)

Next, we went outside and made our own nests, by using natural materials.

Then we went for a walk and noticed these holes in the ground. Then we noticed many insects flying around. They looked like bees. Our instructor told us that they were "Tickle Bees" , or Mining Bees, which are a solitary bee that nests in the ground. They are a sign of spring! ( we don't see bees in the winter!) We weren't afraid because these bees don't sting.

During our walk, we tossed our seed balls out into the savannah.

C.G.'s seed ball stuck onto a tree :) We were told not to worry, because the rain would wash it off!

At the end of our walk we climbed through some obstacles on the path.
We had a great day enjoying nature, and seeing the many signs of spring. What signs did YOU see?

We wish that we could come to High Park every week!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tints and Shades

We learned that by adding white to a colour, you can make many different tints!
For this work of art, we drew 10 lines on a piece of paper. The lines were supposed to go from one side to a different side. The lines were supposed to be straight, so we practiced our ruler skills! When the rulers were too short, we did some problem solving and used meter sticks. When the meter sticks were too long for our desks, and threatened other peoples spaces, we moved to the floor. Problems solved!
Next we drew or traced a heart shape in the middle of the paper ( it was February - hearts were on our minds! )
Then we painted -- using only red and white paint. We were supposed to paint different tints of red in every section.
These turned out fabulously!

Next we experimented with shades -- by adding black to a colour.
We then made some art using only one colour, plus black and white -- monochromatic art! We chose our colour, then used paint, and added details in crayon and marker.

( we were supposed to fill the whole page with colour, but some of us ran out of time)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


We have really been enjoying the pool!

Playing games:

Counting our lengths in the swim-a-thon:

Monday, March 20, 2017

Counting Large Numbers

We have been learning the best ways to count large numbers of objects. We began this when we were exploring the concept of 100 on the 100th day of school.
We had been counting groups of 10 by filling ten frames to count the first 100 days of school. Then we started counting other things by grouping them in 10s ( for example, the milk bags that we are collecting for Ms. Harris).

I gave the students a challenge to estimate if a collection of objects had more our less than 100 objects. Then they had to prove, and explain their answers ( we are working on explaining our answers in pictures, numbers, and/ or words - the writing in blue marker is how students explained their thinking to the rest of the class)

( we are trying to get away from ALWAYS counting by 1's -- with large numbers, it is easy to lose track of what number you are at, so if you have grouped your numbers into 10s, it is very easy to recount)

Next, we moved onto counting groups of objects by 5's (which we had already talked a bit about when counting tally marks). The importance of this skill will become more evident to the students when counting nickels because they can't count by ones to make five when counting nickels!