Sunday, April 8, 2018

Fun Friday!

The kindergartens were able to have our Fun Friday! ( the rest of the school had to postpone theirs due to teacher illness) ( it was already postponed from mid-March!)
We had a loose Olympic theme.
Our class participated in an obstacle course, and also with Olympic yoga (pictured here)
We can't wait until next Fun Friday!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2018


First we read a non-fiction book about Easter. It explained that Easter happens on the first Sunday after the first full moon in spring. That is why it isn't always on the same date every year. We learned that Easter celebrates new beginnings, like the birth of baby animals (bunnies, ducks and chicks), and the growth of new plants. (The book also mentioned that Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but we didn't discuss this concept in depth).

Our Easter activities centred around eggs. Mrs. Nilgun organized some egg activities for us. Everyone had the opportunity to make a shaker by putting different small items inside of a plastic egg. At the end of the day, we danced and shook our shakers to many different songs from different cultures, as well as some popular songs that the children loved (The Gummy Bear Song!)

Mrs. Nilgun also organized an egg-and-spoon relay race. We very carefully carried eggs across the room in spoons. It was so fun!

One of our favourite books this week was The Easter Bunny's Assistant. We learned ways to accept people (or skunks) for who they are, and that sometimes you have to change YOUR way of thinking to keep your friends. (Bunny solves the problem of having a stinky friend by putting a clothespin on his own nose).

Throughout the week, we worked on an activity that challenged our spatial reasoning. Some students found this very easy, and some found it quite difficult. I set the eggs up in the right hand egg carton, and the students had to match it in the left carton.
Click here to read more about why we need to pay attention to spatial reasoning, and how you can support your child in this key mathematics concept.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Thank you so much to E.L.'s grandma, Judy, who came in and taught us about Passover. We learned that people of the Jewish faith celebrate Passover as a commemoration of their liberation by God from slavery in ancient Egypt and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses.

We learned a bit about slavery and freedom ( in a very child-friendly way)

We coloured the word SLAVERY in sad colours:

 and we coloured the word FREEDOM in happy colours:

When the Jews were freed, it is said that they left in such a hurry that they could not wait for bread dough to rise. So that is why matzo (unleavened bread)is eaten during Passover. Judy gave us each a piece of matzo to try and everyone wanted more!

Judy read us a story of The Matzah Man (like the Gingerbread Man)

We were able to make our own Matzo Men:

Judy lent us her Sammy Spider book to read. We love Sammy's adventures!

Thank you so much, Judy for sharing your knowledge with us! We always have so much fun when you come. And thank you to E.L. for sharing his Bubbe with us for the afternoon :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


We finished off our inquiry into the Olympics by making bobsleds!

First we made our bobsleds from Kleenex Boxes: We made them fancy like real bobsleds. 

Then we brought in some  stuffies as athletes. But, safety first! We had to make helmets. Students had to choose something that would work as a helmet, then we strapped them on and decorated them.

C.P. Had a duck stuffie and chose a laundry detergent scoop to be the helmet. The scoop handle stuck out and protected the duck's bill. Somehow, this one didn't make it into the photos, but it was very creative. Form follows function!

We raced down the slide, then we had the chance to try to do something to our sleds to make them go faster. We found that heavier bobsleds seemed to go faster, so some people tried to make their sleds heavier. One student added an extra athlete for weight!


I also brought in a pair of vintage "bobskates" -- double bladed skates that strap onto your boots. We taped them onto a bobsled to see if it traveled faster. It traveled a bit faster. We found that the heavier bobsleds fell harder and some helmets cracked.

We concluded that heavier and faster bobsleds need more safety equipment!

We will revisit some of our Olympic Games during an upcoming Fun Friday! Just because the games are over in PyongChang doesn't mean that they are over at Earl Beatty!

Friday, March 2, 2018

More evidence of animals

We are still looking for different signs of animals in our playground.

When there was still snow on the ground, we found:these tracks in our playground area -- which we think were from a sled  with runners on the sides.

Ms. Brown showed these pictures that she took in her parents driveway. Some of the tracks were so small, that the animal must have been able to fit in Ms. Brown's hand. What kind of animal can fit in your hand?

We also found these (below). What are they we wondered? They were under a tree.... Maybe it was poop! We guessed that maybe it was from birds. It looked very shiny, like it was wet. Someone said that it was wet because it wasn't frozen yet. So it had probably happened very recently... like a few minutes ago! We looked up carefully, then moved out from under the tree, just in case the birds were still there :) Just one more reason not to eat snow....

Animal poop is another sign that animals have been in our playground. We learned that animal poop can be called droppings, scat or dung. We made some different "scat" from brown play dough. (coloured with cocoa -- it smelled delicious). Below is some cat scat, and some rabbit scat that we made from play dough!

Below is "a bit of dirt with tracks in it from a person walking their dog" by M.R. in Room 9.

We will continue to discuss evidence of animals as we see it throughout the rest of the winter and spring.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Winter Olympics

The regular Winter Olympics may be over in the rest of the world, but the excitement continues in Room 9!

We started off our Olympic exploration by discussing what the Olympics mean. We talked about how athletes come from countries all over the world to compete in different Winter sports.

We talked about how the Canadian flag represents Canada, and we made our own flags. Then we talked about how each ring on the Olympic flag (logo) represents a different continent. (we looked at the globe and discussed continents. (so much background story!)

Then we discussed the different sports, and looked at some of them in books. We also talked about how the athletes had to work really hard and practice REALLY hard to be able to compete in the Olympic Games.

We watched short video clips on CBC Kids to get some explanations about the sports.

We grouped the sports into :
Ice Sports (Hockey, Figure Skating, Speed Skating and Curling) 

Snow Sports (Downhill Skiing, Ski Jumping, Cross-Country Skiing and Snowboarding)
 There were so many different skiing events! It was hard to keep them straight!

Sliding Sports (Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton)

We made some Ski Jumpers out of straws. We practiced blowing our jumpers as far as we could, and then we had a competition to see who could jump the farthest. The people who practiced the most were able to blow their jumpers the farthest. Just like in real life! Practice really DOES HELP!

We tried to give them nice soft landings on the pillows like on the snow , but none of our jumpers landed on the pillows.

 Then we practiced curling. We started by doing some table top curling with pennies and sliding them to a target.

Then we practiced our sweeping, by sweeping paper plates down the hallway with child sized brooms (note to parents: it it easy to cut down a dollar store broom to make it child friendly. Everyone said how much they LOVE sweeping.....)  We swept in Pairs, each person sweeping the same word as their partner. The "fans" stood along the hall, cheering the word as it was swept along. We were really loud and had a lot of fun!

We are currently making some mini bobsleds and will have bobsled races later this week!

Next week the Paralympics begins. We will look at how the different winter sports have been adapted so that differently-abled athletes can compete in high-performance sports.
(The present-day Paralympic Games include five major classifications of athletes: persons with visual impairments, persons with physical disabilities, amputee athletes, people with cerebral palsy, people with spinal cord injuries and Les Autres - athletes with a physical disability that are not included in the categories mentioned above (e.g., people with Muscular Dystrophy).

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Searching for Evidence

We have been investigating what kind of animals come to our schoolyard. We have been looking for signs of the animals. We have started by looking for their tracks in the snow.

We found many different kinds of tracks, and are beginning to identify some of them! We are awesome detectives!

Maybe a rabbit?

A rabbit? or a squirrel?

We weren't sure what this is.

We think that this one is a cat.

What kind of track is this? It's not an animal, we knew that. 

We think it is a stroller. 
But it could be a wagon.
Or it could be a sled. 
We are hoping to observe a stroller, a sled and a wagon in the snow so we can come to some conclusions!